Welcome to the Contact Improvisation Wiki

Contact Improvisation is a kind of cooperative movement game and partner dance form where you practice moving with other people coordinating around points of contact between you. Unlike other kinds of partner dance, we don't organize our cooperation according to set patterns - no designated postures, rhythms, step sequences, leader/follower roles, etc. Instead, we learn to communicate and coordinate using the points of contact, and a developing sense of what fits in moving with another organized around the points of contact.

We develop skills and techniques for dealing with common circumstances - but one constantly challenging skill is continuing to just be receptive to where the contact point is going. It's perpetually tempting to direct the contact point in order to use specific favored skills and techniques, but that would mean confining ourselves to just doing what we've done before. Just following the contact point opens opportunities to engage more fully in the moment and discover new challenges.

This wiki is a place for Contact Improvisation (CI) practitioners to share basic orienting information, and insights and questions concerning cultivation of the practice, individually and as a group. The wiki is currently in the initial framing stage.


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